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now on fbn. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. pick up the phone and call your friends, because tonight i'm going to reveal the revoluntionaries are behind this, that's been sitting here for a couple of weeks. we're going to spend a whole hour. i want to walk you through a couple of things. your freedoms are on the rope, and you have a choice to make. i'm going to present that choice to you tonight and i'm going to show you the people, the revoluntionaries, the faces behind this movement. i don't use the word revoluntionary lightly. that's their word, not mine. if you believe this country is great but it seems like there are not enough blackboards to explain it all, stand up, come on, follow me.
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hello, america, this is a night that i'd sure love the white house to call, but i doubt they will. you see there a countdown clock. in about 30 minutes from now, we are going to reveal what is behind there. it has been very, very complex and we have had a hard time putting it together, but i think by the end of the hour, you'll see america for what it truly is, a country that has a huge decision to make. president obama promises us hope and change, and he is at least keeping some of those promises, change, but i don't think it is the change that millions of americans voted for. this nation is being fundamentally transformed, again, as he promised but we didn't really listen to him. we didn't understand those words. we didn't know what it meant when he said he would transform this nation. one way this administration and its helpers are doing it is by systematically stripping
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away our right to free speech. yes,?nd the president and other progressives profess so be saviors of our first amendment rights. they love free speech, but when you pull back the curtain, like we're about to literally do in a few moments on this program, you will see that free speech is being eradicated for controlled speech. it depends on which speech you want to speak. control over the media. control over the internet. control to assemble. control over you. senator barack obama's presidential campaign is asking missouri law enforcement to target anyone who lies or runs a misleading television ad. >> prosecutors and sheriffs from across missouri are joining something called the barack obama truth squad. >> 2 months before president obama was elected, free speech was reportedly under attack in
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missouri. his campaign was accused of roping local prosecutors into threatening charges against anyone who spread lies against obama or ran misleading t.v. ads about him. >> we want to keep his campaign focused on issues. we're here to respond to any character attack. athey're not going to tell the truth and somebody has to stand up and say wait a minute. >> who was directing the president's campaign at the time in missouri? oh, buffy wicks. you might remember her from this program. she now works this the white house as the deputy director of the office of public engagement. she is the one who helped orchestrate the infamous n.e.a. call which asked the art community to produce pro-obama art. >> when we were thinking about how do we take a lot of this energy that's out there, how do we translate folks who have just been engaged in electoral politics, and engaged in the process of governing. >> this is just the beginning. we are just now learning how
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to really bring this community together to speak with the government with and what that looks like legally. glenn: the head of the n.e.a. is also one of barack obama's biggest supporters, rocco landman. he promised to advocate for the president's agenda and called him "the most powerful writer since julius ceasar." by the way, ceasar was a man who took the republic and turned it into an empire by you i aggress. the state of miss sore also sent threatening letters to news organizations in pennsylvania and ohio demanding that they stop airing n.r.a. ads exposing barack obama's stance on guns. >> they have banned deer hunting ammunition. where is this guy from? >> the letters were sent by bob bauer who said "you have a
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duty to protect the public from false, misleading or deceptive advertising. we request you immediately cease airing this." let's revisit that. the media has a duty to impose an opposing argument from being herd? well, let's ask ourselves this question -- who is bob bauer who is trying to stifle free speech? what a coincidence! he's the husband of the mao tse-tung-loving white house communications director anita dunn. dunn has been front and center in the white house attempt to lock out fox news, but it doesn't stop there. this program recently learned, and exposed that bob bauer is emerging as the top contender to replace greg craig as white white house con sell. bauer threatened stations in ohio and pennsylvania that their f.c.c. license would be taken away if they ran the n.r.a. ads. wow. now he will be the chief counsel. let me ask you this -- would
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the f.c.c. ever actually do that? well, maybe not in the past, but the obama-appointed chairman of the f.c.c., julius shancowski assured people in june that he was never pushed to reinstate the fairness doctrine, a policy to control ma what the media broadcast. >> senator i don't support reinstatement of the fairness doctrine r glenn: that's interesting, because about a month later he did appoint mark lloyd to be the f.c.c.'s diversity czar, who said this -- >> what we're really say something that the fairness doctrine is not enough. there are lard structural rules in place that are going to result in fairness. >> who is going to step down, so someone else can have power? >> so the fairness doctrine doesn't go far enough, and oh, he had some very new american ideas. one of shankowski's strongest backer is the radical organization "free
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press," the one pressing for fundamental transformation of the media today as we know t >> we need new poll stoiz support the media and i hate to break it to some of you, but the government has to be involved. what if, instead, we took a few thousand americorps jobs and gave them to news-gathering organizations and why not start retraining veteran journalists, the ones with deep rolodex sources with new skills? >> robert mcchesney vowed last year that capitalism needs to be taken apart brick by brick. what else does he believe in? in his own words -- >> it is indefensible to allow this level of concentration in the media industries. we have to come up with a viable antitrust plan to break up these media conglomerates. there's no justification for having firms like rupert murdoch's news corporation. break it up. >> does this man have any influence over obama?
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listen to the president's words. >> when a company like clear channel starts gobbling up all the radio stations or rupert murdoch starts putting his eyes on a a bunch of different media outlets, they cannot beat smaller outlets. i'm committed to having the f.c.c. review what our current policies are in terms of media diversification. glenn: they sound eerily similar, don't they? and by the way, they know each other. mcchesney is not on the president's team but he has had several meetings at the white house, so is this administration aiming for a government-controlled media? one former obama czar hopes so. >> once we are in that situation where people who we agree more than we don't are governing the role of progressive media could change.
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you cannot have an opposition movement without opposition media. glenn: we know the president is also hoping to control diversity on-line. >> the most important thing we can probably do is to preserve the diversity that is emerging through the internet. >> independent financial regulators are now even talking about policing social network sites like facebook. you know, with all of our kids, they don't talk by phones. they talk through the internet and they talk through facebook there are great problems for regular tory standpoints now being used as a sales tool because it is not a good audit trail. >> you saying brokers are using facebook to pitch financial products and you need to look at that as a regulatory issue? >> exactly. the president and his f.c.c. chair is a big proponent of something called net neutrality and to protect the voice of the working class that has never been heard clearer than right now. >> and that starts with an open internet. i will take a backseat to no one in my commitment to
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network neutrality. glenn: who is for net neutrality? only the little people, the global corporations like google, amazon and microsoft. who, exactly are we protecting? then, media experts tell us obama's proposal for an open internet is really a cover for giving progressive organizations and government entities access to the power of the internet, courtesy of the taxpayers. then there is the fight to expand public broadcasting n an attempt to slowly silence the private media. oh, they'll use an emergency, like the economy, or the collapsing newspapers. newspapers, of course, have to be saved. so is the obama administration trying to control our information? >> part of what i want to do is expand the diversity of voices in media or have policies that encourage that.
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>> is he trying to silence your right to free speech? >> there is a lot that the president can do using his executive authority without waiting for congressional action, and i think we'll see the president do that. glenn: this, america, is a question that only you can decide. i have to tell you, america, i'm not comfortable presenting this to you every night. a year ago, this was madness. this was madness. but i've done my homework. i have a team of people that do their homework every day. we have the phone here, so they can call and say this is crazy talk. they'll tell you this is crazy talk, but they cannot deny the things that they have in video, they have said in papers, in books, on video. they can't deny it. that's why they don't call. do your own homework. one of the groups behind all of this is free press. i started looking into it. i was first stuck by their
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motto, "free press, reform media, transform democracy." we're going to fundamentally transform america. transform democracy. boy, i didn't know democracy needed transforming, did you? anyway, you remember that free press is the group pushing for net neutrality, which would take the internet out of the private hands of private business and into the hands of the government. it i would create a level playing field. it would help diversity. it would destroy the free market that created the internet, but, you know how those evil corporations are, always trying to be successful and make money, oh, so evil. free press is also behind "save the news," and they are, quote, leading the search for new public policies to save journalism. i how about people in journalism start doing their job? that might save it. promote a robust free press in america. policies would do that, huh,
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policies like a government bailout for newspapers? a government bailout for journalism. i was struck by their idea, i loved this, that we take americorps -- we've talked about americorps on this show, haven't we? take americorps and put them into journalism. how exactly does that promote a robust free press? then we go to public broadcasting. free press' executive director josh silver's position paper, public media moment spells out to president obama how to take advantage, quote "the growing crisis facing commercial journalism and public media's unique ability to address it makes such reform all the more urgent. never miss an emergency. you have a rare opportunity to achieve real change and reinvent public media, adding, quote "just as the economic crisis has put an end to the free market fundamentalism, so should the failure of commercial media to add adequately serve the public
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interest and the myth that the government has no role in fulfilling society's information needs." boy, it's interesting to me. iiñ?ñ? aide someplace just a fw months ago that the white house has tried to put together their own newsroom this year. remember that story? you see how the white house's fox isn't a real news organization, those comments? they start to make a little more sense in this context, don't they? silver calls on president obama to create a white house commission on public media, to provide policy recommendations, and how do we pay for it? well, silver points out that currently only $400 million per year goes to the public media. he recommends a media trust fund, oh, kind of like a social security trust fund? starting with a $50 billion trust fund, more money from congress, or wait for it, he suggests a tax on electronics, a tax of .5% of the purchase price for every home electronic device. multi-media players, cables,
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set-top boxes, video game systems, televisions, et cetera, those devices that entertain america would be, in turn supporting programming to inform, educate and enlighten, and the fee would be paid by the consumers with the means to spend on new electronics. oh, those consumers with the means. that translates to the rich people, higher taxes, and this would not increase the deficit, of course, by one thin dime. o neither will healthcare. for new media, it won't be controlled by evil corporations, no, no. it will be controlled by the government, which, as more and more americans now know, the government is being controlled by global corporations and special interest groups. he calls for a better corporation public broadcasting, with depoliticized professional staffing, depoliticized, with billions of dollars on the line. how do you take the politics out of that?
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you know the internet is one of the last places that you are truly free to blog, to speak, to share. man has never been more free to share to more people than onto internet right now, but they're going to fix that with regulations sponsored by, you know, the little people, google,, microsoft, you know, the little ones. step one, shut free speech down. the speech that they don't like. step two is tricky because nature abhors a vacuum. you got to fill a space. what to fill it with. what to fill it with, and the what to fill it with, and the blue curtain, next.
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ok. oomph. i'm a mommy. i love kids! i'm responsible, loving, nurturing. ahhh!
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yea whooo! no no no no no! don't touch that. [squeak squeak] stop, stop! ahhhhh! whoa! being a parent's a lot of work. where's mommy? here i am! sid: [laugh] ha ha, no, stop, stop. glenn: this is what we do
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every night. we try to connect the dots to see who can get four in a row. by the way, i want to thank the watchdogs who have contributed to many of of the pieces that are going to be seen on the program, especially the insider watchdogs. thank you for your help. i showed you that free speech is under attack. neigh to nene tour abhors a vacuum. something has to be put back into the system. these radicals that i have shown you on the left don't want to just shut you up. they want to make sure you are getting the right message. the raw message is any of the ideals that the founders used to base this nation called freedom, individual liberty, the free market. what is the right message? well, anything that helps the collective, the government knows better than you, share the wealth, socialism, economic justice, you know, those things. you can't do it on your own. free handout, too big to fail. those messages. this radical revoluntionary assault is happening from raul angles, even from the
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administration, yet they deny it every step of the way, but you can call me, right now. yes, it's still working. you can call me. the white house has the phone number, but they can't. they can't deny it because it's on tape, like the n.e.a. story. oh, they tried to smear me on that. i have an update on that we had give in a second but remember a few minutes ago i told you how they were trying to stop free speech under the guys of an emergency. in the next few minutes before i show you what is behind that blue curtain right over there, it's the fact that nature hates a vacuum. you can't just take free speech out. you got to put speech in, so what are they doing? how are they doing it? well, let's start with the media, when they aren't getting a chill up their leg, many in the media and not just the news media, though they're eager to help president obama. >> on behalf of the entertainment industry, there is an initiative called "i
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participate." >> this is the week, the week to join with millions of americans in a cause that is bigger than all of us. >> doing good for all of us, doing positive actions always comes back around. >> would it be all right if i only worked 20 hours because i'm volunteering at an animal shelter later on. >> of course, i didn't know you did volunteer work. >> g.e. owns nbc, not only the service stuff, but they also have green weeks on t.v. -- no conflict there, general electric and green week. we have showed it to you in the classroom, night after night kids are being taught to sing about how obama is wonderful and capitalism is evil and flawed through "the story of stuff" a video made by the george soros-funded tides foundation. our kids are being taught that woodrow wilson and f.d. are lovable presidents that were so great. they loved the family and everything else? really, woodrow racist was the biggest raise racist president
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ever served and said the point of universitys is to make a boy as unlike his father as is possible. well, he said that almost 100 years ago. boy, we have almost made it. the job is almost done. wilson locked up people for speak out against the government. he is the guy who segregated our military. f.d.r. was elected four times. that was illegal at the time but how did that happen without a powerful propaganda machine? many of the programs f.d.r. were unconstitutional but we're taught they were revered. progressives and radicals. they're the ones white teaching. they are the ones writing the his ti books, and they are the ones, to quote president obama, trying to fundamentally transform america. i'm just trying to tell you the truth as i understand it. we uncovered the n.e.a. propaganda story along with who brought it first. well, if you remember,
1:24 am if you remember the prop gan that story, oh, that was crazy, here is the initial call. >> we are just now learning how to really bring this community together to speak with the government and what that looks like legally. we are just now getting involved in those things to support this president's initiatives and also toss do things we are passionate about and to push the president and push his administration. glenn: wow, telling that to artists, the n.e.a. and the new chairman just made a speech a week ago comparing the writing of barack obama to jewel yus ceasar. we mentioned it a few minutes ago, landsman gave an interesting description of his job interview with valerie jarrett saying he would use art to change the world. you know, i don't know about you, but i don't want art to change the world.
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i would like people to change the world together, and out in the open, not through some painting that makes me feel like that's a great idea. fox viewers are always called zombies and idiots but who the zombies, someone getting real political discussion every single day or somebody making their choice on healthcare through a painting or a broadway show? the name of this big new art project by the way is artworks, and there are rart works, works of art. i guess people putting people to work, making art, you know, artworks, but what else is there on the name artworks? there is a third option. it works to convince people, and that's called propaganda. that's why yossi didn't legally know how to speak to all those artists on that coon frence crawl. if it's just about painting and that's deal, why would there be a legal concern? by the way, landsman was hired by valerie jarrett. her underling is buffy wicks.
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the underling under buffy is yoes si sergeant,, wow. let's play connect the dots here. buffy and yossi and we have salary, right? and then we have barack obama. well, now connect four. gee, sis, that was tricky. there are an awful lot of radicals and they don't necessarily connect the way you thought they would, but they starting to connect. they're also lying to us. here is what landsman said about propaganda allegations last week. listen to this. >> >> am i starting to sound like an advocate? well, that seems to be a touchy subject. some quote, unquote, journalists have recently accused this agency of losing
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its independence and becoming a propaganda machine, while i want to state in no uncertain terms that the n.e.a. is not a political agency and that when art becomes propaganda, i lose all interest in it. i also want everyone to know that the days of defensive n.e.a. are over. we have a plan and we are going to quote, advocate for it." glenn: he continues with some of this. o listen to this. >> we are grant makers, not a regulatory or enforcement agency, and will we advocate for the pez's agenda as well? if it'sç a particular program, i.e., healthcare reform, no, of course not." glenn: of course not, he would never do that. now play the tame with buffy wicks. >> whether it is healthcare, education, the environment,
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four key areas that the corporation has identified as the areas of service. glenn: so they're silencing anyone who gives you an opposing view and fill that void with propaganda. tonight they are denying that any of this is true. america, you have a choice. i'm going to show you what's behind the blue curtain. i'm going to show you the faces of revolution, and i'm going to present you with that choice, next.
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join us at the top of the
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hour. now back to glenn. glenn: i have to tell you, i got to thank my producers for this program. i mean, i just saw the countdown clocks to this curtain. i have never been more accurate in my life. this show is much bigger than -- i just happen to be the one in front of the camera, there are a lot of people amazing behind the scenes. thank you. all right. i've shown you now over the last few weeks how radicals, many of whom are in the administration are extremely close to the president, are not only attacking free speech but looking to take it out of many areas and put new speech in, controlled speech. the question that remains is why? why would they do that? underneath this curtain, it used to be a chart. when we first did it, we were going to reveal it one night
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and it just didn't feel right. we were going to have a guest on and that didn't work out. he went in the hospital and we were going to have him on that day. i decided to change, it because i think i found an easier way to show it, because it is very come mex. there are a lot of people involved. why? it answers the question why are they doing this? because they are trying to, quote the president, to fundamentally transform america. they don't like the current one. look, we have problems, but 70% of americans believe in the free market system. is it perfect? no. there is corruption. there is greed there. got it. but the government, big government, is not the answer. the government has been there the whole time, and in many ways they encouraged it. or invented it. do you believe in the power of the individual? yes. you believe in the free market, not government. is government better at setting prices and people's salarys? no! if you believe that no one is too big to fail, well, let me show you what company
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you're in with? >> sec chairman jewel yus shancowski is setting rules to to an open internet where all americans can spur innovation and set up common sense ground rules to ensure that there is a level playing field for all comers who seek to contribute their innovations. >> we know that the free market is nonsense. we kind of agree with mao that political power comes largely from the barrel of a gun. >> what we're really saying is that the fairness dock tin is not enough. >> rarely do we communicate anything through the president that we don't absolutely control. >> mao tse-tung and mother trees sarks not often coupled with each other, but the two people that i turn to most. >> the growth of material consumption is going to have to come down and there is going to have to be a degree of redistribution.
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>> unless we conscious of the need to have more people of color, gays, other people in those positions, we will not change the problem. >> right now, we want to move from suicidal gay capitalism to some kind of eco-capitalism. >> give them the wealth! give them the wealth! >> some of us who are not barack hussein obama, are going to have to start spreading the wealth around. >> i think when you spread the wealth around, it is good for everyone. >> we need to level the playing field. glenn: america, the free market is in more peril than perhaps it has ever been under. it is under siege by those who i believe are revoluntionary
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ies. i want to show you what revoluntionaries look like. i want you to see the faces of a group of radicals who seek change, and not just changing to a new candidate or a new party, but to fundamentally change the country they were born in, change the entire system! in normal times, people would be labeled dangerous, traitors, people who have dedicated their entire lives to an agenda, even willing to die for this change, people who would overthrow those who they once swore allegiance to. let me show you a group of radicals. these are revoluntionaries. they were revoluntionaries. right to bear arms. liberty. freedom of the press. self-determination. thrift. these guys were called traitors, dangerous, awful. this thought was unspeakable. this was all new thought.
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they were revoluntionaries are for freedom. they fought tyranny and gigantic government and oppression because they thought there's a better way. they were willing to sacrifice their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. they overcame. they defeated the most powerful government on the face of the earth, but how did they do it? how did they do it? did they do it in the classrooms through slow indoctrinations? did they do it in the shadows? did they do it with special interest groups an unions? no! they took a stand, because they believed in something. they believed in freedom. they believed in you, and they believed in me. they believed in the freedom to assemble, to say whatever you want, freedom to practice any religion you wish without fear of the government and they did it all without using indoctrination. why? because the truth these radicals understood was self-
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evident. they did it by speaking with something that thomas payne said was common sense. they would be proud of the tea party movement. but you know, they did the first tea party movement, of course, they did it, knowing that there would probably be a need for another one, but they hoped this wouldn't be. in their wisdom, the new freedom would eventually come under attack. they knew it. it was a grand experiment. they didn't think it would even last 25 years. well, they were wong on that. but now we have come to a crossroads. it is under attack by revoluntionaries are of a different kind. still revoluntionaries. still radicals. only one is going to be right in the end. this group of radicals, or this group of radicals. these guys far outnumber the last guys, make no mistake. these revoluntionaries are trying to overthrow the system
1:40 am
that most americans hold dear. they will tell you that i'm lying, that i'm -- whatever! do your own homework. listen to their own words on tape. they cannot deny what they have said. they have said it on tape. we play it! these are just the most recent people that we have on tape. expressing their disdain for the free market, expressing their love for mao and chavez and the redistribution of wealth! it's unamerican! so you need to choose sides. because it can't -- this doesn't work, guys. this doesn't work. america is trying to live right here. you can't! it's either this side or this side, and you cannot remain neutral, because if you remain neutral, it's going to be locked in place by whichever side has more desire. you either believe in the free market and its principles set up by the founding fathers or you don't.
1:41 am
you either think the reason this country is great is because of the freedoms the founders based america on, they based it on the individual! or you think america is just mean, unfair country that needs to be transformed and it's better days are in the past. we have lost our way. it is not because of the free market. it is because of special interests, and politicians in washington being so unbelievably corrupt and completely out of touch with you. sean penn might want to get his healthcare castro style but the rest of us don't! i don't know why anyone would side with those who love mao, who love che. he was a a killer. i don't know why anyone would side with marxist radicals considering that socialism and communism has never ever ever worked, but oh, it has a lot of supporters. and, unfortunately, many of
1:42 am
them are in or near the white house right now. and these guys are all dead and far too many of us even look at their words anymore. we don't even know why they believed in these things. i want to give you a choice. when we come back, i'm going to compare what the founders said, those old revoluntionaries, compared to what the new revoluntionaries are want. and in the end, you'll see why that phone remains silent. back in a minute. @
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in 1961, the american lung association reminded us that in homes across america, christmas is in the air. for over 100 years, your gifts to american lung association's christmas seals have helped us fight for healthy lungs and healthy air. celebrate another year -- make christmas seals
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a part of your holiday tradition. go to glenn: like it or not, america, there is a revolution going on right now. it is just going on under the cover of darkness and it isn't the tea party people. this is your choice -- limited government versus total government. our founding fathers believed in limited government, the radicals, the new revoluntionaries in the obama administration believe in total government. the first one here is the right to property. that versus social justice. see, it's just a word game, really. it's right to property. our founders believed in the right to property. you work hard for your money. who are they to take it away? james madison said it is not just government nor is property secure under it,
1:47 am
where the property which has man in his personal liberty has violated by arbitrary seizures of one class of citizens for the service of the left. can somebody get my glasses, please? the obama administration believes in social justice. that is the difference. james madison or van jones, which one, america? here's former white house green jobs czar van jones -- >> no more broken treaties. give them the wealth! give them the wealth! give them the dignity! give them the respect that they deserve! no judgments on stolen land! we owe them a debt! glenn: this is the native americans, we owe them a debt. this is stolen land. that's revoluntionary thought. next, gun rights versus gun control, thomas jefferson on gun rights. no free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms, the
1:48 am
strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government. gee, i thought it was all about the hunters. compare that to what white house regulatory czar cass sunstein said about guns. almost all gun control legislation is constitutionally fine, and if the court is right, then fundamentalism does not justify the view that the second amendment protects an individual right to bear arms. america, that's pretty clear. you going to go with thomas jefferson or cass sunstein? the senate went for cass sunstein! how about you? next, we have free press. free press, responsible journalism is the flip side of that. thomas jefferson, let's start with him, he said "the only security of all is in a free press. the force of public opinion cannot be resisted when
1:49 am
permitted freely to be expressed." the agitation it produces must be submitted to. it is necessary to keep the waters pure. well, no, because that's, well, that's just not responsible enough. the government has got to be involved, so now we have new communication policies. here is robert mcchesney. he is the cofounder of free press, quote "any serious effort to reform the media system would have to necessarily be part of a revoluntionary program to overthrow the capitalist system itself." whew. free press or save responsible journalism? journalism? it doesn't stop there.xxxxx
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welcome home, man. i really want to show you something.
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glenn: america, you have a choice. you can either go with thes revoluntionaries or go with the growing number of revoluntionaries we have found on this program recently, all on tape, all saying remarkable things. let me just go through a few of them. we have next the freedom of speech. we had freedom of the press but now freedom of speech. that's different. that's versus communication policy. let's start with george washington.
1:54 am
george washington said "the freedom of speech may be taken away and dumb and sigh silent we may be led like sheep to the slaughter." pose that next to mark lloyd, the diverse sty czar "my focus is not freedom of speech or the press. this freedom is all too often an exaggeration. at the very least, blind references to freedom of speech or the press serve as a distraction from the critical examination of other communication policies." really? i think i'm going to go with that guy instead. finally, there is debt versus investment, and stimulus. we've got to invest in our country. we've got to invest, invest, invest. george washington said "there is no practice more dangerous than that of borrowing money, for when money can be had in this way,
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TOPIC FREQUENCY America 19, Obama 4, Washington 4, Americorps 4, Landsman 3, Bob Bauer 3, Thomas Jefferson 2, Ceasar 2, Rupert Murdoch 2, Mcchesney 2, Valerie Jarrett 2, Yossi 2, Barack Obama 2, Mark Lloyd 2, Buffy Wicks 2, Obama Administration 2, Missouri 2, Pennsylvania 2, Revoluntionaries 1, Chavez 1
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